What do we offer?
GESCONSULT SGIIC is an Independent Asset management Firm that provides Financial Advisory services through a wide range of products, which allows us to propose a coherent financial strategy adapted to each client´s circumstances, needs and objectives, delivering personalized solutions.
We design client’s portfolio with an Open Architecture, investing their wealth in all Funds available IN THE MARKET, Stocks, Fixed Income, Derivatives, and any other Asset that creates value for our clients.
For whom?

This service focuses on customer support and satisfaction, regardless of the amount managed. It has been designed for those of our clients seeking professional advice but who like to be actively involved in the management of their assets.
1.- Investor Profile: by analyzing the following aspects:
• Personal, professional and family situation of the investor.
• Objective of the investment.
• Investment horizon.
• Liquidity needs.
• Taxation.
• Investment restrictions.
• Risk profile
2.- Strategy development
3.- Dynamic Management: continuous monitoring of investments
• Adequate distribution of assets, tailored to the customer and depending on market conditions.
• Customers shall be provided with a detailed statement on a monthly basis.
• We maintain an active relationship with all our customers.


What do we offer?
GESCONSULT provides a portfolio management service that allows clients to delegate the management of their investment portfolio to an investment professional. We offer access to all markets and assets and select the best products so that the client has no need to constantly monitor his investment.
For whom?
This service is aimed at those who are unable to devote the necessary time to their financial investments and who want to benefit from the investment experience of our team (Eurofunds 2012 Award for Best European Manager, in a 7 years period – managing between 4 and 7 funds).

Our Approach
Private Management of Portfolios focuses on the following aspects:
• Investment profile of the client and length of time during which the client wishes to hold the investment.
• Continuous analysis of the investments; detailed study of all the assets in the portfolio.
• Active portfolio management: continuously adapting the portfolio to market forecast.
• Full Transparency: we hold regular meetings with clients giving deep information of the portfolio and revise their personal situation and financial needs.
• Confidentiality