Our core Principles

  • We only invest in Assets and Companies that we deeply understand and therefore can always justify to our clients the Investment decisions undertaken.
  • Self-critical spirit. We welcome suggestions and contributions from third parties and are always open to other people’s ideas and recommendations.
  • Our Investments are always focused on the Long term. We study thoroughly the companies, management team and markets as if we were to take an equity stake in the business.
  • Our investment decisions are always focused on our core principles: Capital Preservation and Low Volatility.

Our work method

  • In-depth study of the macroeconomic environment with the support of three external macroeconomic experts.
  • This macroeconomic analysis helps us to identify which are the most interesting sectors/markets and those that we must avoid.
  • Once we have identified the ideas with the greatest potential, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the companies:
    Quantitative Analysis - Valuation Ratios, Income Statement, Balance Sheets, Forecasts, Competitors, etc.
    Qualitative Analysis - Management team, experience, transparency, accessibility, etc.
  • We maintain a permanent dialogue with the Management Teams of the companies we hold in our Portfolios.
  • The Liquidity of Securities is a key factor. We avoid securities with low trading volumes.